The making of the new collection

Gahhhh the road to this new collection has been a long-ass one! After a slightly round the houses way of initialy getting into jewellery making (i'll go there another day), I went back to school to learn Silversmithing whilst doing my second season for Urban Outfitters (and running a pub!) 

After a couple of years out whilst dealing with motherhood and all of it's adventures I decided I wanted to incorporate more precious metals into the new pieces, as CULT of YOUTH has always sat in the contemporary womenswear nook. However metal is a tricky business. It tarnishes and it's not that cheap so working on new ways of keeping the line affordable and yet offering a timeless element with the introduction of the new sterling silver, yellow and rose gold designs hasn't always been straight forward. I've also launched my first ring in any collection i've ever made. In turn I've been learning about developing my own hallmark, had tons of meetings in Hatton Garden (Elvis in tow!), gotten through multiple samples until, finally, I think we're here. Fingers crossed y'all like it. Still loads of crystals, skulls, mama chains and symbols. I mean this leopard can't change its spots really... x